DLLs are critical components of your system, despite the fact that they are susceptible to damage. Having a tool that can identify problems before they have an impact on your system can significantly improve your PC experience. A possible cause for the record button being greyed out is that there has been a corruption of a dependency between the Xbox Game Bar and another component.


  • This file is key to having a computer run at optimal speed and for smoothness of PC operation.
  • If this gets corrupted, you may receive this error.
  • You can see the below list if your script error message lies down or not.
  • These two are acting like two wives of a person.

But, due to its long presence, there are very reliable solutions now to fix it. Sarah has been working as an editor at MiniTool since she graduated from university. Sarah aims at helping users with their computer problems such as disk errors and data loss. She feels a sense of accomplishment to see that users get their issues fixed relying on her articles. Besides, she likes to make friends and listen to music after work.

SG Windows 7 / Vista / 2008 Misc Downloads

If you like what you’ve seen, you can upgrade to the full version. It will scan your devices and update them all with a single click to ensure a smoother performance. Auslogics Driver Updater is a safe, fast, and intuitive tool that updates all drivers on your PC in one click to prevent device conflicts and ensure a smooth hardware operation. It will give you a report on outdated or missing drivers it detects, and lets you quickly update them to the latest manufacturer-recommended versions. The previous method explained above sounds like a lot of fun, doesn’t it?

Well, the answer is first you may get frustrated and secondly you will start finding the solutions to troubleshoot the error. Furthermore, this error is quite common in Xbox when you want to record the gameplay. So, keeping this in mind here is a guide to help you out in every situation.

How to fix Warzone Dev Error 5761

However, you may receive some error messages like “there’s nothing to record play some more”. Today, MiniTool will help you fix the issue on Windows 10. The problem that puzzles users most may be the failure of recording in game sound along with screen recording.

You just have to click Repair your registry After that, the app will fix them all. There can be numerous factors that cause Windows registry errors but there are some that keep coming back and are worth checking and fixing. Even the fastest computer can be a victim of these failures. As soon as the app gets launched, it’ll begin scanning your registry for errors. You just have to click on Repair your registry then, and the app will fix them all. Starting the toolkit by right clicking the icon and selecting Run as….

Windows Xp Registry Errors

Enter “cmd” into the search box, then right-click Command Prompt and choose “Run as administrator” to launch the programme in an elevated status. Then, type in each of the subsequent instructions one at a time and hit Enter to carry them out. Complete the driver rollback procedure by following the on-screen prompts. After restarting, check whether the Netwtw04.sys problem still exists.

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